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Residential, Commercial & Construction Site Cleaning. 

Certified 6S Group works in conjunction with the most prestigious cleaning services in Charlotte NC. These services can be booked "a la cart", combined, or as an add on to a training course. 

Available Services

  • Move Out
  • Recurring Service
  • One Time Cleaning
  • Post Construction
  • 6S Implementation

Business Plan Development

Developing a Business Plan helps smooth out the process and takes stress off of the entrepreneur. Building the plan can be mentally challenging, frustrating, but WE are here to help. When building a business plan you must trust the process and realize that it is a real time document. You only sustain the plan by measuring your success and continuing to improve. Our Team will help provide you the support needed to build a business plan that WORKS. Prepare for the goals you plan to reach and set other measures in play to maximize off of those achievements. Remember we are only as successful as the Businesses we help succeed. 

Employee Incentive Program Development

One thing we have learned over the years of working with manufacturing companies is that MOST employees value their work space and take pride in the companies they work for, WHEN there is a TRUST between management and the shop floor.  

Incentive Programs show that the company values its employees and all of their hard work. It promotes excitement, friendly competition and purpose outside of labor in the work place. This friendly competition then turns into high productivity numbers and quality products.  

Our Team can develop a unique and efficient Employee Incentive Program for your business. To promote the program with in the company we provide custom t-shirts, banners, flyers, games, contest prizes and much more.