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 6S Workplace Organization, Standardization & Safety

What is the goal of 6S?

A workplace that is stable, consistent, predictable and the foundation of all other continuous improvement activities. Companies who train their employees in 6S show improved control, improved efficiency, improved visibility and fewer accidents.

What is 6S? 

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain
  • Safety

What is Lean?  

A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.  

                                                                        -NIST MEP Lean Network

Why go Lean?

Lean Manufacturing strives to create a production system with the least manpower, equipment and material. It is about establishing a system so that information/units can flow through work processes at the pace to meet customer demands. Therefore companies lower overhead cost and improve efficiency. 

8 Steps Problem Solving

The goal of this course is to deepen your awareness of the importance of the process to effective problem solving. Trainees will develop a sense of importance of leadership's behavior for the journey toward Lean Manufacturing.

Why is 8 Step Problem Solving important? It helps clarify the problem by being able to visualize the gap between the "current situation" and the "standard".

What is Waste? Waste is a factor which does not contribute to the process by adding value. The goal of Lean is to eliminate any factors which raise cost without adding value to the product. 

Business Production Basics

Business Production Basics provides the work force with a visual representation of the Standard of Work. Imagine the disarray of a parking lot with out the lines indicating where cars are to park. Production Basics develops a culture that sustains 6S and Continuous Improvement.

This course acts more as a service to management. Our team will develop visual standard of work instructions, safety documents and procedures for key processes as well as TPM (Total Preventative Maintenance) visual aids for key machines. Production Basics is guaranteed to make a shift in the work culture towards the success of implementing a true lean environment.

Toyota Kata Mindset (Management Course Only)

What is Kata? Kata is the pattern you practice to learn a specific skill or "the way of doing".

The agenda of this course consist of the Kata overview, Understand the direction, grasp the current condition, troubleshoot via PDCA, VSM, Gemba, Production Basics, Coaching, concluded with a Review and Q&A. Build a trusting relationship between management and employees with this course.